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Brick House Painter—How to Whitewash You Brick House: Romabio Limewash

Consider this before painting your brick, stucco, or stone

Here at That1Painter, we consider the Limewashing process to be one of the best options for brick house painting your home and masonry. We specifically use the thoughtfully designed Romabio Limewash because we believe it’s the absolute best option for whitewashing. We love that this product offers the warm aesthetic of naturally aging stone, while simultaneously refreshing and brightening your home for a modern look. If you desire a more solid, paint-like look without the washed effect we recommend Romabio’s Masonry Flat product.


Should I paint my brick? What about the maintenance?

Romabio’s Limewash absolutely loves brick, stucco, stone, and cement. This paint is long-lasting and beyond low-maintenance. It’s basically no maintenance! It’s formulated to calcify to the surface of brick, stucco, or stone, hardening onto the surface and becoming the perfect match for your home’s masonry. Romabio offers it as a 20-year warranty product, giving you the confidence that peeling, chipping, and fading won’t be a problem. The rich depth of color in the Limewash will remain strong while continuing to draw out the detail and character of your natural brick.

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Clean ingredients make for a healthy environment

Because your brick wants to breathe, it’s necessary to apply organic-based ingredients to its surface. Romabio uses natural, Dolomite Lime from Northern, Italy, which is mineral-based, toxin-free, and environmentally friendly, matching the natural masonry that your house was built with! This makes this Limewash breathable, allowing for moisture evaporation and providing protection against mildew and mold. It’s antiseptic, antifungal, odorless, and allergen-free, making it ideal for homes, schools, hospitals, and work-sensitive areas.

Color and style options from Romabio’s Limewash

Now you know it’s safe for you, your home, and our Earth, let’s talk beauty! This Limewash is our first choice for obtaining that elegant, European, whitewash effect – your original stonework peeking out from under a fresh coat of crisp paint. Because of the small crystals in the Limewash, you’re going to see a renewed freshness and glow when you paint your brick house.

Romabio offers all of these colors, from bright cool tones, to cozy and warm, offering a range of customizations for you to choose from.

Do a trial run before you commit to Limewashing and find your perfect fit

We know that choosing the right look for your home is a big commitment. With Romabio, you have several tones and customizations to consider. We at That1Painter want you to get your best look, so we offer you two days to test colors in a small area of the brick before the Limewash becomes permanent.

Now that you’re ready to get the look of your dreams

General Manager, Allan Alarcon, talks about our Limewash Services

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