A New, Long-term, Low-maintenance Look For Your Brick And Stone

Limewash can brighten up a home almost instantly, thanks to its trademark crystal-like glow. It’s also a very practical choice for any structure, as it’s fire-retardant, antiseptic, antifungal, odorless, and hypoallergenic.

That 1 Painter limewash projects use ROMABIO® Classico Limewash: a highly breathable, slaked-lime paint that easily calcifies to brick or stone and continues to patina over time––meaning it can last for decades. Plus, Classico is naturally mold- and fade-resistant, allowing its color to retain both its quality and richness for years to come.

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What Makes Us Unique?

We’re greater Austin’s only limewash experts. In addition to our extensive list of painting services, we also specialize in limewash and mineral-based masonry paints, making us “renaissance” painters (who also do carpentry, caulking, and so much more).

Our Process

Step 1

Dampen your brick/masonry surface for combined cleaning and prep.

Step 2

Mix and dilute limewash to accommodate your desired look.

Step 3

Apply limewash.

Step 4

Wait 10-60 minutes (depending on temperature and sunlight).

Step 5

Begin the “wash-off” process to achieve desired level of brick/stone exposure.

We also handle concrete staining projects!
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Our Work

Important To Know

Our brick and stone limewash services offer:

  • Mineral-based products
  • A beautiful, low-maintenance finish
  • UV-, fade-, and mold-resistant paint
  • Fire-retardant finish
  • Easy limewash removal within the first 5 days (should you have any issues with color, exposure, etc.)

We’ve Got Everyone’s Trust

Our Warranty

All of our work comes with a three-year warranty, providing extra protection should peeling, bubbling, cracking, or splitting occur due to improper prep or application on our part.

Even better? Our warranty is transferable between homeowners.

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