Fresh Caulking And Premium Sealing​ To Protect And Beautify Your Home

Caulking has two benefits.
(It actually has more, but these two are the greatest by far.)

The first is to enhance your home’s cosmetic appearance by closing any and all gaps and creating a smoother transition from one material to another. The second––and most important––is to seal up any open areas left between two surfaces in order to protect your home against water seepage.

If water makes its way into your home, it can have devastating effects on your property (including insect and mildew damage, rotten wood, defective masonry, and more). Caulking and sealing are both necessary if you want to guard your home against these types of problems.

Let us help you shield your home from harm.

caulking and sealing services | That 1 Painter
caulking and sealing services | That 1 Painter
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What Makes Us Unique?

We understand that painting isn’t just a project; it’s an integral part of YOUR HOME!

To ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind, we’ll always:

  • Run background checks on all team members
  • Communicate with you, so we can fully understand your priorities and concerns
  • Take extra precautions when masking and cleaning up to make sure your home stays as beautiful as possible

Our Process

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We can also help fortify your home even further with our carpentry replacements and repairs.
Click here to learn more about our carpentry services.

Our Work

Important To Know

Caulks are similar to paints in that they’re all made from one of four base compounds: acrylic latex, silicone, polyurethane, and rubber.

The base compound determines the caulk’s specific characteristics (such as what materials it will adhere to, its durability, paintability, etc.).

We consider proper caulking and sealing to be an essential part of every single exterior or interior painting project. As such, we always select the best and longest-lasting caulk available for each unique situation.

Areas we seal include:

  • Exterior siding, vents, flashing, and gutters
  • Baseboards, crown molding, and trim
  • Showers, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets
  • Interior/exterior windows and doors
  • Cabinets, vanities, and countertops
  • Fireplaces
  • Gaps in mortar

We’ve Got Everyone’s Trust

Our Warranty

All of our work comes with a three-year warranty, providing extra protection should peeling, bubbling, cracking, or splitting occur due to improper prep or application on our part.

Even better? Our warranty is transferable between homeowners.

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