Our Story


Steven Montgomery, the founder of That 1 Painter, discovered a passion for painting at a young age. The son of a professional painter, Steven would often help him with painting jobs when he was in high school and continued learning through the years after his father retired from painting. Steven, while in college, would borrow his father’s old equipment and help paint homes for his mother, who was a realtor, as well as her colleagues and clients in real estate.

In 2011, Steven decides to leave his day job to pursue his calling: business. He creates his company, That 1 Painter, which has now grown to ten crews, and is now expanding nationwide under Steven’s leadership.That 1 Painter exists to help people, through customer service and through a great company culture.

Core Values




Paint It Forward

That 1 Painter’s Founder, Steven Montgomery, has found an immense sense of purpose through his life in ministry. A Christian who’s served in co-vocational pastoral roles for several years, Steven is especially committed to honoring his grandfather’s legacy, a missionary of 48 years who passed away in 2020.

Having refused many full- and part-time pastoral positions (“I’d rather see the money go elsewhere,” he insists), Steven is currently focused on overseeing missions of his own. Paint It Forward reflects Steven and That 1 Painter’s ultimate goal: To help fellow human beings.


Our Corporate Team

Steven Montgomery


Allan Alarcon

General Manager

Gabe Cummings

Marketing Coordinator

Jasmine Williams

Office Administrator

Kea Czempinski

project manager

Michael Saucedo

Project Manager

Kevin Kluss


Rick Lucas


Our Local Team

Emmanuel Ocampo

San Marcos manager