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These Epoxy Floors Will Make You Never Want To Leave Your Garage

Transform your concrete floors with epoxy coating

One of our favorite processes for treating concrete floors is epoxy coating. This is such a great, low-cost treatment that upgrades the look of your garage, taking it from drab and uninteresting to straight-up zesty. With the option to use flakes in multiple colors or mix different shades for metallic epoxy floors, there are unending amounts of stylistic possibilities.

Make your concrete floors look like granite or marble for WAY cheaper

The beauty of epoxy coating is that it’s a cost-effective way to beautify concrete. Metallic epoxy coatings create the illusion of expensive marble floors, while epoxy flake coating can resemble a hearty granite. This makes it easy to bring your vision of transforming your garage into a home-gym or workspace to life! Be inspired to finish restoring that vintage Mustang. Start a woodworking hobby? Finally, cancel your gym subscription so you can start recording home workouts for your fitstagram! Create the workshop of your dreams.

If that doesn’t look like marble, I’m not sure what does!

Far reaching benefits of epoxy floors

We love when simple, visual improvements upgrade the value of a home by doubling as protection against everyday wear and tear. Epoxy coatings can cover up previous damage done to your garage floor and prevent future damage. It’s extremely durable in its ability to take on the kind of potential damage that can happen in a garage, like heavy tools being dropped, tire scuff marks, or leaks, and heat that are emitted from your cars. Want to know more about the glory of epoxy? Check out this awesome article by Shoreline.

Our Process for Beautiful Epoxy Floors

  1. Diamond-grind your concrete to ensure proper adhesion.
  2. Pressure wash your floor to remove dust, stains, and grease.
  3. Fill any cracks with concrete filler.
  1. Apply two-part, industrial-grade tinted epoxy.
  2. Apply epoxy flakes (as desired).
  3. Apply a two-part, industrial-grade clear epoxy topcoat (as desired).

And of course, we finish by cleaning all trash, dust, and debris from the workspace, so your site looks better than when we found it.

Let us show you what we mean

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  1. John Carston on October 26, 2021 at 10:24 pm

    I like how you mentioned that epoxy flooring makes it easy to bring your vision of transforming your garage. My uncle mentioned to me last night that he is planning to have an epoxy garage floor due to its durability and asked if I have any idea what is the best option to do. Thanks to this informative article and I’ll be sure to tell him that it will be much better if they consult epoxy flooring services as they can answer all their inquiries and will provide good-quality service.

    • That 1 Painter on November 2, 2021 at 7:23 pm

      I’m glad you found the article informative, John! Feel free to give your uncle our number or email address and have him send over any questions he may have, we’d be happy to help ensure he gets the best of the best.

  2. Elle Jones on September 15, 2023 at 12:48 pm

    I appreciate that you mentioned how epoxy coatings may repair prior damage to your garage floor while also averting more harm. The sort of possible damage that might occur in a garage, such as heavy tools being dropped, tire scuff marks or leaks, and heat from your automobiles, is exceedingly difficult for it to withstand. My uncle asked me if I knew what the greatest choice would be when he indicated to me last night that he was looking to install new flooring that might be strong enough. Thanks to this informative article I’ll be sure to tell him that he can consider getting epoxy floors with the help of epoxy flooring services as they can answer all their inquiries and will provide good-quality service. I’ll share this article with him by then.

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