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Best Professional Painters in Austin Texas

Hiring a professional painter just became more meaningful

professional painters in my area | Austin, Texas

Now, more than ever, consumers are making purchases with more care and consideration. We want to know where and how our vegetables are being grown, that our milk and beef are coming from cows who eat grass and not grains, we want our chocolate and coffee beans to be fair trade and our clothing to be produced by ethical manufacturers. So what about when you hire a painter? What makes That 1 Painter your choice for the best professional painters in Austin, Texas?

sohail shaikh professional painter

When you hire a painter with integrity and skills

professional painters in my area | Austin, Texas

We are a paint company that exists to help people and we take pride in knowing that makes a difference in the world. This begins with our estimator actually showing up, showing up on time, and quoting you a fair price. All of our prices are transparent; we let you know exactly what you’re going to be paying for and how long it will take. We offer 18 services, which means you’re less likely to have to hire outside contractors to finish a big project.

Each job we begin is assigned a crew, a crew lead, and a project manager to make sure everything goes smoothly and is completed with efficiency. This is one of many steps we take to demonstrate our respect for your time, in the hopes of building a long-lasting relationship with you.

Austin painters with the best warranty of any legitimate company out there

professional painters in my area | Austin, Texas

We use quality materials, the highest quality products, and we offer a three-year warranty because we want you to be happy with the job long after we’ve left. Most of the large painting franchises out there either don’t offer a paint warranty at all, or they offer only a two-year warranty on their labor.

The truth is, we’ve been in business for about ten years and have rarely had to do any warranty work, so we thought extending it from two years to three would be worth it for us and for our clients. If it’s past the three-year mark and you’re having trouble with your paint, a lot of the paints we use (like Romabio) have twenty-year or lifetime warranties, so we’ll work with you to get the company to cover the cost and we’ll come out and fix issues with the paint.

We exist to help people

professional painters in my area | Austin, Texas

We love giving back to those around us. It’s our goal to give the best possible experience not only to our customers but also to our employees. The members of our staff should feel like they can do well, succeed, and continue to rise up with us.

We are always looking for opportunities to take what we have and multiply it among our entire company. This extends to our local and global community, as well. Through our Paint It Forward program, we are able to bless a family in need, right in the Austin area, by painting a home for free! We also love that we’re able to give a percentage of all our revenue to benefit missions in Africa and beyond. We love helping people, we exist for this purpose, and we aren’t going to stop any time soon.


Interested in painting, staining, epoxy and more?

That 1 Painter has the best painters in Austin Texas

professional painters in my area | Austin, Texas

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