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Timely drywall repair is crucial for maintaining your home's integrity and appearance. At That 1 Painter, we specialize in repairing damage from poor installation, substandard remodeling, water leakage, or everyday wear and tear. Our expert team ensures your walls, ceilings, and trim look flawless and new. 

We can help you with almost anything you need, including installation and repair, stress crack repair, small or large hole repair, and water damage repair. We can match any texture and guarantee a seamless finish. Our quick-dry options and long-lasting fiber tape make our repairs efficient and durable. 

Plus, we leave a spotless job site, ensuring your home looks perfect once we’re done. Addressing drywall issues promptly prevents further damage and maintains the value and beauty of your home. Trust That 1 Painter for all your drywall repair needs and enjoy a pristine, well-maintained living space.

drywall repair

WE Never miss a spot

Quality craftsmanship is all about perfecting the detail work, and we train our painters to pay extra attention to the areas other painters miss. We take pride in finishing every job to perfection. 

drywall repair
drywall repair
drywall repair



Initial Inspection and Assessment

We begin with a thorough inspection to assess the extent of the damage. This helps us determine the best approach for repair, whether it’s addressing stress cracks, holes, or water damage.


Surface Preparation

Our team prepares the damaged area by cleaning and removing any debris. We ensure a smooth surface ready for repair, which is crucial for achieving a seamless, long-lasting finish.


Expert Repair and Installation

We expertly repair the damage using high-quality materials and techniques. This includes filling holes, fixing cracks, and replacing damaged sections. For new installations, we ensure precise fitting and alignment.


Texture Matching and Finishing

To ensure your repair blends seamlessly with the surrounding area, we match the existing texture perfectly. Our team ensures a flawless look, whether it’s a smooth finish or a specific pattern.


Final Inspection and Cleanup

Our process concludes with a detailed inspection to ensure the highest quality standards. We clean up the work area, leaving your home spotless and your drywall as good as new. Trust That 1 Painter for professional drywall repair that enhances your home’s appearance and durability.

Why Choose Us

  1. Our Work Brings Joy

    We always deliver transformative work from professionals that generate a whole lot of joy. No job is too big or too small to provide excellence in quality.

  2. Stress-Free & Mess-Free Service

    Paint is messy, but your experience shouldn’t be. We believe in cleaning up after ourselves, just like any good house guest should. We start with proper prep and end with thorough cleanup.

  3. Respect Time & Communication

    We do everything from start and finish on time while communicating with you throughout the entire project. If the details or scope of work changes, we always communicate how and when things will get done.

  4. Value Based Pricing

    We offer upfront and honest pricing without any hidden fees. Rest assured, you will get what you pay for. Above all else, we prioritize giving you the best experience and highest-quality service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I repair drywall damage promptly?

Timely drywall repair prevents further damage, maintains the structural integrity of your walls, and enhances the appearance of your home. Addressing issues quickly can also prevent more costly repairs down the line.

Can you match the texture of my existing walls?

Absolutely! Our team is skilled in matching any texture, whether it’s a smooth finish or a specific pattern. This ensures that the repaired area blends seamlessly with the surrounding surfaces.

What types of drywall damage do you repair?

We repair a wide range of drywall issues, including stress cracks, small or large holes, and water damage. We also handle poor installation or substandard remodeling jobs, ensuring your walls look flawless.

How long does the drywall repair process take?

The duration of the repair process depends on the extent of the damage. However, we use quick-dry options and efficient techniques to minimize disruption and complete the repairs as swiftly as possible.

Do you offer drywall installation services as well?

Yes, we provide both drywall installation and repair services. Whether you need new drywall installed or existing drywall repaired, our team ensures a high-quality, durable finish. We also guarantee a clean job site once the work is completed.

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