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Franchisee Spotlight: James Low of That 1 Painter North West San Antonio

Franchisee Spotlight: James Low of That 1 Painter North West San Antonio

That 1 Painter couldn’t be what it is today without our fantastic franchisees; this week, we want to showcase James Low, the owner and operator of That 1 Painter North West San Antonio. James Low has been part of the That 1 Painter family since April 11, 2022, with the launch of his location. He brought his strong professional background in car sales to help elevate himself within the That 1 Painter brand.

James Low’s Transition into the Home Services Trade

Having learned about That 1 Painter from a friend and fellow franchisee, Josh Montana, and through That 1 Painter’s founder, Steven Montgomery’s father, Tim Montgomery. They worked together in car sales, and as he heard from Tim about the company’s growth, and decided it was time to make a change. He had already been looking for franchise opportunities and decided to take the leap of faith with That 1 Painter.

Within the transition from car sales to becoming a franchise owner, he was able to network and find a solid team of painters in San Antonio to work with. He would go to local Sherwin-Williams stores to also network with their employees and potential customers. Along with this networking, he is able to work with fellow That 1 Painter franchisee Josh Montana of That 1 Painter NE San Antonio and they are able to share a crew.

Building a Foundation for a Strong Painting Crew

Low makes it a point to connect with his painting crew, ensuring they have the necessary tools and supplies. He has been able to retain his painting crew because he makes it a point to have a connection with them. Low mentions having built rapport with one of his painters that has been with him since the beginning, they met while James was networking at a local Sherwin-Williams.

When Low asked his crew about why they have been with him for so long they mentioned it was the way he treats them with respect. Not only does he try and buy them lunch while on jobs, but his Project Manager makes it a point to go to work sites to pass out waters and make sure that their crew is being supported.

The Benefits of a Career Change

Of course, coming from a background of car sales and jumping into the home services sector was a bit of a change for James Low, he persisted. That 1 Painter – NW San Antonio is dedicated to being one of the best paint companies in their area. While the career change was a shock initially, he became acutely aware of the benefits of the routine change.

“My favorite thing about being a franchise owner with That 1 Painter is that I get to pick my kids up from school whenever I want.”

James Low, That 1 Painter NW San Antonio Owner

While working in his previous career, Low had 12-14 hour work days. Now he can pause his work at 2:00, take the time to go pick up his kids from school, and enjoy being a dad. Being a father and being there for his children means everything to Low, so his new career path benefits his family mentality. As a franchise owner you can make your own schedule and make the time to live your life. For James Low that time is best spent being with his children who he is now able to go make memories with.

Looking for a Painter in NW San Antonio?

When looking for a painter in San Antonio, look no further than That 1 Painter North West San Antonio! James Low and his crew will work tirelessly to ensure that your project is shown the care it deserves. To schedule your free estimate with That 1 Painter NW San Antonio, fill out this form, give us a call at (210) 745-7888, or message us on Facebook!