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Our Top Three Color Picks For Winter


Color Picks for Winter | Some Of Our Favorites

Here at That 1 Painter we’ve had the chance to experience a vast array of all the paint colors available, so we made this color guide to hopefully inspire some creativity in your upcoming or current painting project this winter.

Color Picks For Winter

1. Our Favorite and Most Requested | Snowbound

Color Picks for Winter | The Winner

Using Sherwin Williams‘ Snowbound can transform your interior with just one touch – or maybe a bunch if you’re patient! In fact, Snowbound is neither warm nor cool, it’s actually a perfect mix of both, making it a good match for a Mid-Century style home.

Color Picks For Winter
Snowbound by Sherwin Williams is an off white pastel interior / exterior paint that has a colder undertone, compared to Alabaster.

2. Another Great Color by Sherwin Williams! | Refuge

Color Picks for Winter | We Love Some Sherwin Williams!

A muted blue that communicates professionalism and elegance. Pair it with gold decor and you’ll see it pop!

Color Picks For Winter
Refuge by Sherwin Williams is a blue interior / exterior paint that has a beautiful misty grey undertone.

3. A Modern Take on an Old Favorite | Ancient Burgundy

Color Picks for Winter | An Oldie, But A Goodie

Vaspar’s Ancient Burgundy is so rich with color that it could brighten any room. Just stepping into a room painted in burgundy can make you feel good. This beautiful color choice was inspired by dahlia flower, which symbolizes positivity and sophistication. It’s combination with a decked out Christmas tree can make you feel like you’re back in the 90’s!

Burgundy 1
Ancient Burgundy by Valspar is medium dark shade interior paint with a of pink-red hue.

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