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charcoal color kitchen cabinets

Cabinet Painting Houston, Texas

With the help of a professional painter, your space will look modern and stylish in no time. We have all the skills you need to paint cabinets perfectly at That 1 Painter. We know everything there is to know about making your kitchen cabinets look good, from the prep work to making a durable final product. Our company has been using good paints and stains for many years to make thousands of customers happy and refreshed with their new cabinets. We would be happy to help you and your family in the same way.

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charcoal color kitchen cabinets
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Cabinet Painting Houston, Texas

Do you want your kitchen cabinets to look different? One of the best ways to do this is to paint or stain the cabinets. Whether or not your cabinets have been painted, we can completely refinish them to make them look brand new. If you want to paint your cabinets, it's best to have a professional look at them first so that we can use the best product for the job. That 1 Painter only uses the best and most durable cabinet paint, so you can be sure that the finish will last for a long time. When you spend money on kitchen or bathroom cabinets, try to use only the best products like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore.

Our Cabinet Painting Process

We start by making sure everything is ready in your home. So that the paint doesn't get anywhere else, we make sure to cover every inch of the floor and walls. Before we start, we'll cover your furniture and get your approval on the work we're doing to get ready. Then, we clean your cabinets to get rid of any grease, sand them down, and put a coat of oil-based primer on them. Then, we paint the cabinets with two coats of high-quality paint from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, or wherever you want to buy the paint. Most of the time, we recommend that you let us find and buy the paint for you because you'd get better prices and be able to get the paint faster. We'll put the doors and drawers back on the cabinets after the paint has dried. Then we'll put any hardware that needs to go on the cabinets. Lastly, we make sure you have a big smile on your face the whole time.

Your Best House Guests

We are a reputed company providing the best service with top quality paints. We will be your best house guests ever.

Quality Service

We show up on time. Get your estimate in 24 hours or less. We focus on quality painting services, no shortcuts.

3-Year Warranty

We always strive for excellence but we know mistakes can happen. That's why we provide a 3-year warranty to all our work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on a number of factors:

The shape of the cabinet doors and drawers (if need to be replaced or repaired).

How many doors and drawers are going to be painted?

How good of a paint do you want to use?
Do you also put hardware in place?

On top of these things, how much of the kitchen needs to be covered?

Most normal jobs with kitchen cabinets take between 3 and 4 days. Putting in kitchen cabinets is a big job that can take a week or more. How much it costs depends on how many doors and drawers you have to paint.

If the cabinets need to be cleaned or degreased, or if they need more repairs, it will take a couple of days longer. We recommend that you have a professional come take a look at your cabinets and give you an exact time frame.

You can use oil-based paint or water-based acrylic paint to paint your kitchen cabinets. Use oil-based paint on cabinets that were painted with oil, and water-based paint on cabinets that were painted with water. You should paint your cabinets with Sherwin Williams Urethane Trim Acrylic Enamel. It has a finish that lasts as long as oil but doesn't get old as fast as oil-based paint.

Because oil-based paint is so thick, it will last the longest. Paint companies, on the other hand, are making water-based paints that last just as long as oil-based paints.

Corotech Command by Benjamin Moore is a good choice if you want a durable finish for your cabinets. Sherwin Williams Urethane Trim Enamel is another great choice.

First, we clean your cabinets and get rid of any grease. This makes sure that we don't paint over places where the paint might peel in the future. Then, we sand the cabinets, prime them, and sand them again. Then, we'll add one more coat of primer and two coats of finish.

So that paint doesn't get on your furniture or floors, the kitchen area will be cleaned and covered.

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