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Professional Brick Painting Services Tyler, Texas

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Brick Painting Services Tyler, Texas

You can turn your ordinary, boring brick walls into magnificent works of art by using That 1 Painter's amazing brick painting services in Tyler, Texas. To give a long-lasting and durable surface, our skilled and knowledgeable professionals only use the best paints from reputable manufacturers like Romabio Masonry Flat, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and others.

You may put an end to the same old monotony and give your home a pop of color by approaching each task specifically. Customers and That 1 Painter work closely together to understand each other's unique needs and preferences so that their visions may be accurately and precisely realized.

Don't be content with bland, dreary brick walls. You can create a statement with your brick painting project in Tyler, TX by using the services of That 1 Painter. Every surface is covered, every edge is accurate, and every brush stroke is immaculate since our team takes great care in their job.

The amazing results of That 1 Painter's brick painting project in Tyler & Longview, East Texas, will astound you. Get a free on-site estimate right away and let us help you breathe life to your brick walls!

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White, limewashed brick house with full coverage and a warm white trim
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Brick Painting Services Tyler, Texas

That 1 Painter in Tyler, TX is proud to serve the people of East Texas. One of the most popular painting trends is brick painting. Although various methods for painting brick exist, we feel Romabio's Masonry Flat is the finest. Masonry flat complements brick, stucco, and stone. It won't flake, fracture, or peel away. Unpainted brick requires only two coats of paint and no priming. All your brick need is a good pressure wash, and because the surface must be moist before painting, you might do it in a single day.

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That 1 Painter will transform Tyler, Texas's drab and boring brick walls into a dazzling new design. We're here to help you convert your home into a work of art that will draw attention and make a lasting impact as the leading brick painting experts in the region.

At That 1 Painter, we adhere to the philosophy that only the best materials from illustrious manufacturers like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore should be used. Hence, you can be confident that the brick painting project you choose us to complete will result in a high-quality finish that will withstand the test of time.

Our team of professional painters will collaborate with you to realize your idea, whether it's a strong and vibrant accent color or a more understated and elegant appearance. Every customer is different, and we respect that. That's why we provide a tailored approach to every project, working directly with you at every stage to guarantee your total pleasure.

Don't be content with plain old brick walls. Count on That 1 Painter in Tyler, East Texas to use our professional brick painting services to produce a spectacular work of art. Set up your free consultation with us right now, and let's make your idea a reality!

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We always strive for excellence but we know mistakes can happen. That's why we provide a 3-year warranty to all our work.

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Highly recommend you reach out to That 1 Painter for your painting needs. High quality work and excellent service.


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I am so happy with the outcome of our home. Their team was very professional and helped me with a…


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T1P was a pleasure to work with. Their estimator quickly came out and gave us a fair quote. Quickly got…


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We just bought a new home and had That 1 Painter, and Jose’s crew come out to paint it. They…


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I moved out of state and didn’t know any painting companies and I am so glad that That 1 Painter…


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Very impressed – I called and within hours had a consultation in my home and the painters at my door…


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Hired That 1 Painter and they did a great job! Great communication, were on time, moved our furniture for us,…


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Great job from start to finish!! Answered all my questions and finished the job quickly and professionally!! Highly recommend!!


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I have hired this company a few times to do work for me not long ago and was very pleased…


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We just bought a new home and had Rick/Cole, and Jose’s crew come out to paint it. They did an…


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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the amount of the brick in your home, the cost to paint it might range from $3,000 to $7,500. Most single-story houses may be constructed for about $3500 and $4000, materials and paint included. Homes with two stories would be twice as expensive. For a precise estimate, speak with a certified estimator. Every house is different and has to be thoroughly inspected.

Keep in mind that not everyone has the talent required to paint on bricks. You cannot undo painting a block after you've started. Before moving on to the next step, you MUST BE COMPLETELY SURE THAT PAINT IS WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH IT.

Brick that has never been painted before can simply be power washed and coated twice with masonry flat. If it has already been painted, we will first apply two coats of Romabio's BioGrip primer before putting on two coats of Masonry Flat.

It would be quite challenging to maintain standard water-based paint in good condition. Masonry Flat, on the other hand, is permanently bonded to the surface and won't ever peel or flake off. There is no maintenance needed.

The warranty that comes with Romabio Masonry Flat is valid for twenty years if it is applied correctly. The item has a naturally high level of mold resistance and can withstand extremely high amounts of UV rays.

The best masonry paint is Romabio's Masonry Flat. You can learn more about it here

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