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Zero VOC paint + Air Sanitizing Technology for Health & Safety

Zero VOC paint + Air Sanitizing Technology for Health & Safety

Two new products that protect your environment with just the swoop of a paintbrush

At That1Painter, we believe the safety of your home or workspace is every bit as important as improving its beauty and freshness. We should all be able to breathe deeply and freely without the danger of inhaling toxins.

That’s why we’re happy to introduce the new non-toxic, sanitizing, and zero VOC paint technology from Sherwin Williams. All of this and more in just two already awesome paint products. Let’s see what they’ve got.

Introducing a paint that works for you full time without breaking a sweat

First, we have the new Sanitizing Technology which has ongoing, antibacterial power. And we do mean power! This non-toxic paint kills E. coli, staph, MRSA, VRE, and Enterobacter aerogenes within two hours of painting and continues to actively sanitize for up to four years! All while maintaining its durability and integrity for rich color.

Sherwin Williams SuperPaint with Sanitizing Technology is registered with the EPA and recommended for schools, gyms, and hospitals or really anywhere that you’re concerned about reducing the spread of harmful bacteria.

A zero VOC paint that does so much more than we could dream

Secondly, we have Sherwin William’s Air Purifying Technology. While there are many zero VOC paints out there, this one does so much more than simply being non-toxic. With far-reaching effects, this paint actually reduces VOC levels that come from other items that are off-gassing harmful pollutants, like vinyl floors, carpets, fabrics, and cabinetry. This new formula also contributes to better air quality by eliminating unwanted odors. Any paint that contributes to long-lasting freshness is a winner in our books!

A champion among champions


These extra zero VOC and non-toxic features have recently been added to the SuperPaint line, which is already Sherwin William’s most popular paint line. Now, you get the workability and ease of use of a paint that is well-known and widely trusted, but with even more perks! We love products that help protect the safety and well-being of our customers, while still giving them all the reliability, quality, and design options that they’ve come to expect from us.

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