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What Is the Best Paint Brand?

What Is the Best Paint Brand?

Did you know there’s a difference between a paint brand and a paint line?

We get a lot of customers wondering what paint brands we use and asking, “What is the best paint brand for my house?”. The common assumption seems to be that there must be one brand name that rises above them all as the definitive champion!

Our experience has taught us that what matters more than finding and sticking with some all-star brand, is finding the best lines that have been created within each brand. I’m glad your research led you here because we’re going to compare two very different lines created by Sherwin Williams in order to demonstrate why brand name isn’t everything.

What Is the Best Paint Brand?

Let’s begin with the brand Sherwin Williams and their paint line Painters Edge

Warning ?? the following section may contain some not-so-subtle shade-throwing

This is a cheap, builder’s grade paint and honey, it shows. It’ll run you about $10. per gallon, but will require multiple coats, which means your project will likely take longer to complete, costing you more money than it’s worth in the long run. As paint products go, it’s really just absolutely, unashamedly the very bottom of the barrel. In fact, our founder Steven Montgomery, says “It’s not even in my barrel.”. It’s basically good enough to change the color of drywall (in case you don’t know, that’s a burn). Not worth it! This is the worst option Sherwin Williams offers for interior paint, but we still love them! Keep reading to see why.

Same brand, different line: Sherwin Williams’ Emerald Designer Edition

This is a new line that we consider to better than the best. It’s like they took their already quality paints (excluding Painters Edge) and thought, ‘Why not? Let’s make it even better!’. Here we have a high-quality paint that was built to create bright whites, neons, and rich colors pop with fewer coats. This option can go for about $100. per gallon and shows off with its durability, resistance to fading, and great color retention, all with fewer coats required for full coverage. This stuff is *chef’s kiss* top of the line.

What Is the Best Paint Brand?

So how do I know which paint is right for me, if not by brand?

The lines we mentioned above are just two of many. As you can see, even in great brands like Sherwin Williams there is a broad range, from absolutely terrible to straight-up luscious, with several options that fall somewhere in between. When you choose That1Painter for your home improvements, it becomes our priority to help you make informed decisions, so you get the most value out of the project. We take the time to understand your needs, learn what features are and are not important to you, and use our knowledge to pick the line that’s going to suit you best.

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