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Our Top Three Color Picks For Winter

Our Top Three Color Picks For Winter

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Color Picks for Winter | Some Of Our Favorites

Here at That 1 Painter we’ve had the chance to experience a vast array of all the paint colors available, so we made this color guide to hopefully inspire some creativity in your upcoming or current painting project this winter.

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1. Our Favorite and Most Requested | Snowbound

Color Picks for Winter | The Winner

Using Sherwin Williams‘ Snowbound can transform your interior with just one touch – or maybe a bunch if you’re patient! In fact, Snowbound is neither warm nor cool, it’s actually a perfect mix of both, making it a good match for a Mid-Century style home.

Paint Color Picks For Winter

Snowbound by Sherwin Williams is an off white pastel interior / exterior paint that has a colder undertone, compared to Alabaster.

2. Another Great Color by Sherwin Williams! | Refuge

Color Picks for Winter | We Love Some Sherwin Williams!

A muted blue that communicates professionalism and elegance. Pair it with gold decor and you’ll see it pop!

Paint Color Picks For Winter

Refuge by Sherwin Williams is a blue interior / exterior paint that has a beautiful misty grey undertone.

3. A Modern Take on an Old Favorite | Ancient Burgundy

Color Picks for Winter | An Oldie, But A Goodie

Vaspar’s Ancient Burgundy is so rich with color that it could brighten any room. Just stepping into a room painted in burgundy can make you feel good. This beautiful color choice was inspired by dahlia flower, which symbolizes positivity and sophistication. It’s combination with a decked out Christmas tree can make you feel like you’re back in the 90’s!

Paint Color Picks For Winter

Ancient Burgundy by Valspar is medium dark shade interior paint with a of pink-red hue.

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