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Limewash-Painted Red Brick Homes Guaranteed to Charm You

Limewash-Painted Red Brick Homes Guaranteed to Charm You

Table of contents

1. Exploring painted red brick homes (with a friendly, wholesome introduction)

Find inspiration from white limewash on red painted brick homes

I’ve been absolutely obsessed with brick lately. Old brick specifically. Have you ever heard of a little thing called a brick swap? I can’t get into it right now, but I urge you to google it later – it is truly darling.

Brick swap aside, there’s something really endearing about a richly-hued red brick. It feels old-timey, a bit rugged, and reminds me of the days when people milled their own grain to make bread. However, as much as I adore it, sometimes it feels as if Texas is absolutely stuffed to the brim with brick houses! Sure, it’s one of the best materials for withstanding tornado damage and keeping us cool on hot summer days (and I’m very grateful for that), but… does it all have to look the same?


2. Freshly painted, red brick homes with built-in character

I’m not the only one looking to add some whimsy and curb appeal to brick with exterior paint. The modern homeowner is using limewash to bring back the rustic warmth of the Old World and we are here for it!

The power of limewash can launch a house all the way into modern times or give it a lil’ bump back into a more charming past. We’d like to share with you some dashing brick buildings and limewash styles that we love, so grab a cup of tea, cozy up on the couch, and let the aesthetic of a cozy cottage, a funky NYC apartment, or an elegant English manor inspire your home’s new look.


3. Get the coveted “antique look” using an updated method

Find inspiration from white limewash on red painted brick homes

While some of these European styles may have been accomplished with a chunky grout or the wear and tear of weathering, Romabio’s Limewash allows you to accomplish a similar vibe with a fresh, protective coat of paint.


4. How to paint your brick house with a rustic wash

So when you paint your brick, you don’t want to actually use paint to do it. You’re going to use a product like Romabio’s Limewash or Masonry Flat, which was specifically designed with slated and aged lime (an organic compound), the same elements used to make brick, stucco, and stone.

Romabio created this formula so that it works with and not against your masonry. While regular exterior paint can trap moisture between the paint and brick, the organic composition of Limewash gives brick the breathability it needs to remain mold and mildew-free.


5. What brings out the “weathered look” for brick?

To achieve this vintage look, brush Limewash onto your brick, stucco, or stone, and then wipe it with a cloth. You could also take a power washer to it, but we don’t recommend this method for amateurs. These methods allow you to control how much of the original masonry will show through the fresh finish, for an instant rustic look that will continue to patina over time.


6. How to bring painted red brick street style indoors

Find inspiration from white limewash on red painted brick homes

Because of its mold-resistant properties, Limewash is the best choice for exterior masonry, but it’s also an excellent choice for your interior! If you have a red brick wall, fireplace, or even a hearth, you can get that dreamy European look you want, practically overnight, with just one Limewash treatment.


7. Sometimes less is more

You might already be so smitten with your brick that, while you’d love to bring the rustic look in, you’re hesitant to cover up too terribly much of your original brickwork. You can still get the look, child! Limewash does not have to be drastic; go the subtle route with a sporadic flourish of the brush, dispersing your limewash in scattered sections for a literally effortless look.


8. Go light, medium, or heavy on painted brick peekaboo

Because you get to be in total control with Limewash, you decide how much paint coverage you want and how much brick will come through. Comment below to tell us which one is your favorite!