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How to Find the Best Paint Brush on the Market

How to Find the Best Paint Brush on the Market

1. Learn what paint brush works for you

How to find the best paintbrush on the market for interior painting

A painter’s brush is something very personal to them. This handheld tool becomes an extension of the painter as they spend hours upon hours completing projects together. Okay, maybe this sounds a bit much like the tale of the bond between a boy and his dog, but it’s true!

The more you paint, the more you develop a sense for the type of brush you like and the type of brush that slows you down and makes work more difficult than it needs to be. Stay tuned to find out which is which for the founder of That 1 Painter and his General Manager.

2. What’s the best paintbrush for professional painters?

how to find the best paintbrush on the market for interior painting

You really have two camps of brushes: the Purdy brand and the Corona brand. Both are fantastic, and each painter has their own personal preference between the two. Outside of those, other brands like Wooster or the big box store brands are generally a waste of time and money. What you’ll find with them is the brush bristles fall out as you use them, so you have to go back and pick out these hairs from the wet paint. 

Brushes We Like:


Corona brushes

Paint Brushes


Brushes We Don’t Like:


Big box store brands

Paint Brushes

3. That 1 Painter Founder Steven Montgomery’s Choice: The Purdy Pro Extra

how to find the best paintbrush on the market for interior painting

Purdy has about 5 different lines, with brushes in a variety of angled and non-angled, sizes, shapes, and the Purdy Pro Extra is founder Steven Montgomery’s all-time favorite. The speed he gets brushing out walls with this brush is unparalleled! If you’re a professional and wanna cut in quickly, this is the one for you.

You’ll find that an extra stiff brush only really works well for heavily textured walls, while super soft brushes are only good for smooth walls and trim. The Purdy Pro Extra is a beautiful medium that works well on smooth and textured walls alike.

This brush comes in other sizes and shapes as well and while some painters prefer to use an angled brush for cutting in, our founder says that with the non-angled, thick Pro Extra, he can create his own smooth lines. The fact that this thick brush holds more paint allows him to work faster while maintaining quality.


  • It’s extra thick, so it holds paint well, allowing you to speed up your brush out time.
  • Works well on both smooth and textured walls.


  • If you’re an amateur, this brush is going to feel heavy, so you’ll get tired quickly and may find you can’t control it as well as a lighter brush.
Paint Brushes

4. When to use a white bristle brush

White bristle brushes are usually made from a more natural fiber. These are great for working with oil-based paint because they clean out really well. Using any other brush for oil-based paints will essentially make that brush unusable for future projects because the paint won’t ever fully wash out.

Paint BrushesPaint Brushes

5. Invest your money in a good brush, and save time and energy

how to find the best paintbrush on the market for interior painting

Spend a little extra money on the proper brush for the job and you’ll work faster, have a better finish on your paint, and you’ll enjoy painting a lot more. This applies to you DIY-ers as well! You’ll already save money on labor by doing your interior painting yourself, so invest a small amount in buying a good brush. You’ll save yourself extra work hours and the headache of going back behind yourself to pick hairs out of your paint, scuffing up your beautiful finish.

6. Watch Steven and GM Allan Alarcon talk all things paintbrushes

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