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DIY Exterior House Painting: What the Professionals Think

DIY Exterior House Painting: What the Professionals Think

To the one’s who love to hand-craft and do it yourself

Do you get a profound sense of satisfaction after a job well done that was done by you? Do you like to create things that are unique because of the time you took to work through all the research, planning, and frustration of learning a new skill? Do you or the people around you ever wonder how far you should take these ambitious pursuits? Sure, you’ve built a bookshelf for your office, maybe upcycled a coffee table, or removed a popcorn ceiling (oof that wasn’t the most fun), but should you paint your house yourself? Well, if you really love painting and DIY, then we see you and we’re here to lend some encouragement and a helping hand.

I want to DIY paint my home’s exterior, but am I really qualified?

These professionals think if you love painting and get a sense of accomplishment out of working on your home, you should go for it. If you need inspiration or helpful tips, browse the DIY section of our blog, shoot us an email, heck, you can even call us. We’ll take some time to walk you through a portion of your project that’s giving you a little bit of trouble.

You don’t have to solo your DIY exterior house painting project

Say you’re equipped with all the knowledge you could scrounge up on the internet, you get halfway into the task and then run out of time, get tired, or just want a second set of hands. This happens to people more often than you’d think! We recently had a client who foresaw this type of scenario and hired us with the intention to paint three parts of the house themselves, letting us take care of the rest. You can always have us finish out your project for you or ask us to take over in one area while you take a break. Maybe in a few years, you’ll want to change the color of your house, but will no longer have the time to do it yourself – we’ll still be here.

What you should know about painting your house yourself

We’re totally open to people painting their house themselves and we’ll even coach you through it, but the truth is painting is a lot of work and it’s not easy, especially when there’s repair work, difficult colors, or specialty paints that are needed. It can get complicated and if you want the guarantee that it’ll be done right, hire a good painting company. If you want to do some or all of it yourself, just call us, we’ll tell you what to do.

Know this before starting a DIY exterior paint project

  1. Wash your house.
  2. Dry rot can be hidden.
  3. Caulking is just as important as the paint (quality matters).
  4. Ladder safety is key.
  5. Spraying is faster, but be careful with the overspray.

We’ll break down these list items, in detail, in a future post, but for now, we’ll leave you considering whether the time, sweat, and tears is worth the satisfaction of doing it yourself or if you’d rather leave it in the hands of a pro!

Have any more questions? Comment below or contact us!