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Achieve Colorful Brick and Stucco with Romabio Masonry Flat

Achieve Colorful Brick and Stucco with Romabio Masonry Flat

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1. Stucco home exterior in modern, daydream-worthy colors

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I absolutely love a stucco house, honey. As a half Cuban girl who was born and raised in California, colorful stucco, mountains, ocean, and palm trees are simply a part of my very lifeforce. When our family transplanted to my now-beloved Texas, I was shocked by the lack of valleys and beaches, and in the neighborhoods, oh lord, the amount of brick I was visually accosted with!

At 10 years old, I hadn’t yet realized that the rest of the world was full of variety. That one wouldn’t necessarily find every house snugly nestled up to an orange grove as my childhood home had been. And not every auntie could be found in a chic, 1970’s stucco two-story overlooking a luscious green valley, accompanied by a side yard with a benevolent lemon tree, nor every grandmother in a cozy cottage surrounded by welcoming gardens.

2. Expand your mind with new colors and textures

Though I was enjoying our very first family road trip, the closer we got to our new home, the further away I felt from the comfort of familiar scenery.

I eyed the landscape warily, “Uhm..where are the mountains? And the ocean? …is this our house?! This isn’t our house.”.

Approaching our new city, our new neighborhood, my parents were peppered with questions, the reality of Texas living hitting me like a ton of…. well, bricks. Yes, I’ve always been on the dramatic side. You’re welcome!

Our parents did what they could to help us adjust to our new lives and, eventually, I grew to love the sweet South and the variety to be found here. It turns out Texas offers far more than brick and there are hills and valleys, they’re just fun-sized.


colorful brick and stucco | stucco repair | masonry paints | brick painting



Though I adjusted to Texas living, my love for the kind of seaside and desert aesthetics of California remained – nay, expanded! I started to feel a kinship with cultures that celebrated beautiful masonry of all types, neutral and colorful alike. Southwest, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Spanish… it was all so dreamy, so full of artistry and careful craftsmanship.

Luckily, it is completely possible to enjoy these looks in Texas, and many do. If you’re like me and looking to transform your brick, stucco, and stone in the fashions I’ve so elegantly described, then please enjoy these inspirational pictures and a little education on how we can help you achieve these beautiful looks.

3. Why choose Romabio Masonry Flat for your stone, brick, and stucco

colorful brick and stucco | stucco repair | Masonry Flat

Over the years, Romabio Masonry Paints have proven superior painting technology in protection and longevity. The “bio” (biological) part of their name is a nod to their toxic-free, mineral products, which have a similar molecular structure to brick and other masonry surfaces. Formulated for breathability, this wall system resists and diffuses moisture, keeping water from getting locked in over time, preventing structural damage. And we make sure to do all stucco repair before painting, to give you even more longevity.

bright, colorful stucco brings the vibrancy and energy of Cuba, my mother’s land

4. Paints in contemporary color that can take on the Texas sun

colorful brick and stucco | modern house colors | Masonry Flat

The UV resistance of Romabio’s Masonry Paints is extremely high, withstanding any damage the Texas sun can bring.

So you won’t experience fading, sun bleaching or discoloration with their products.

C’mon…try it, Texas. Come at me!

On second thought, it’s probably not a good idea to challenge Texas.

Just take the protective Masonry Flat and forget this ever happened.

5. Colorful brick and stucco with a reliable warranty

colorful brick and stucco | modern house colors | Masonry Flat

Romabio backs their products with a 20-year guarantee, as they’ve found their systems have consistently shown trustworthy results. Let us do your stucco repair before we add Romabio’s paints, applying it as a two-coat system, and there won’t be peeling or chipping. Do it right the first time, and it’s maintenance-free from then on! Now, don’t you just love this fresh peachy-pink inspired by this rustic villa?

the rugged Southwest meets cozy chic

6. Our favorite things about Romabio Masonry Paint

colorful brick and stucco | modern house colors | Masonry Flat

Romabio Masonry Paints are made of natural ingredients and have a BIO (bio-logical) formulation. You won’t find acrylic or latex paints in their line, no ma’am! They exclusively offer mineral-based products that stand out from the rest of paint the industry in that they’re made from sustainable materials to create a natural, breathable coating.

It’s safe, environmentally conscious products like these that make it possible to take an Old World feel and bring it into modern times, without exposing any living thing to allergens and toxins.


7. A paint company that cares about your health and safety

colorful brick and stucco | modern house colors | Masonry Flat

I stayed in Texas after all these years and love it to bits. It feels good to rep a fellow Southern company and be able to fully back their policies. Going above and beyond, Romabio has created amazing products while considering the health of our planet and the people within it. They have created paints that are hypoallergenic, Zero VOC, toxin-free, odorless, and don’t contribute to asthma. They have ensured their paint is 3rd party tested, meets or exceeds the highest standards of safety, which means it’s safe for you, your family, and the environment. What’s up, Romabio, I see you girl!

~ Sam Mill


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