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10 Things To Know Before Hiring a Professional Painter

10 Things To Know Before Hiring a Professional Painter

1. Painting is a Craft.

10 things to know before hiring a professional painter

It is our belief that painting is a craft and we take pride in it! Seeing a home transformed by paint gives us a deep sense of satisfaction, knowing the effect it has on our customers. We use methods that take a lot of training and practice; we do it right and we do it on time. When you hire That 1 Painter, you’ll see we’re dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service while creating the home of your dreams.



Now, you can always paint your house yourself. You can watch a few YouTube training videos, get the right paint and supplies from the store, and get it done. We don’t take offense to our “DIY” homeowners who may want to paint all on their own or even tag-team a project, where they paint part of the house and we paint the rest. More power to you!

It’s your home, and you should absolutely do whatever you want and what makes sense for you and your budget. 

In the event that you decide to paint all or some parts of your home yourself, we are more than happy to give you tips and tricks on how to make the project go as smoothly as possible. We have recommendations on hand for the types of paints and tools you may require for the job.

We want That 1 Painter to be your trusted professionals, no matter what. This is why we have a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to informing and teaching you the best painting practices.

We want That 1 Painter to be your trusted professionals, no matter what.

Steven Montgomery, founder of That 1 Painter


2. Reputation and Reviews Matter for a Professional Painter.

10 things to know before hiring a professional painter


Reputation is everything. Many of our clients are referred to us by their friends, family, or trusted real estate professionals. We are delighted to hold the trust of our referrals and work hard to maintain that bond. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers have a fabulous experience, just like they did! We honor the word of our former clients and we believe that when your project is done that you will want to share our name with your friends as well! 

It’s also clear that in this digital age, online reviews are crucial in determining which professional to trust. We encourage you to check us out on any review site and read our reviews along with our competitors. That way, you can make an informed decision and hire the painter you feel most comfortable with.

3. Experience Counts.

10 things to know before hiring a professional painter 

Painting can be relatively simple or quite complex depending on the project. Painting one bedroom is a pretty simple job and most painting companies can handle that without too many problems. Sometimes, however, projects can be more challenging. For instance, some may require drywall repair, or replacing rotted trim boards. When the complexity of a project is high, you need to hire a contractor with the specialized skills required to handle the project – not all painters do drywall and carpentry. 

At That 1 Painter, our painters are trained on more than just paint, so they can handle more complex jobs. Because of that, we’re able to offer a number of specialty services, like Limewashing, epoxy coatings, and odor remediation. You can check out a full list of our services here



4. A Written Estimate is Crucial.

10 things to know before hiring a professional painter 

A reliable business will always provide a written quote before starting to paint. Hiring a painter without a confirmed price and an official quote is not a good idea. We make sure to provide you with a written quote within 24 hours, if not during the actual estimate appointment. 

It’s also important to note that, while we won’t match all quotes, we are sometimes able to match the price of an equally reputable competitor. Again, there’s no guarantee that we are able to match the price, but we’re open to the conversation. 

5. Insurance is Critical for a Professional Painter.


There is the possibility that something could go terribly wrong on a project, for whatever reason. Our free advice to you: avoid hiring a contractor unless they carry complex business liability with a limit of a minimum of a million dollars. This protects your structure against damage by the painting contractor.


6. Make Sure There’s a Dedicated Project Manager.


A dedicated project manager is someone who will be checking in on your project before calling it finished. Our professional painters and crew leaders usually do the bulk of the work on a project; however, it’s important to us to have a project manager stop by to ensure all details of a work order are adhered to.

This helps the project go smoothly, get done properly, and stay on schedule. Here at That 1 Painter, we either assign a project manager to each job or have the owner themselves check on your project.


7. Quality Materials Are Important to a Professional Painter.


A painter is only as good as the materials used. Good painting contractors know the importance of using quality paints to provide a finish that is not only beautiful but durable. More than that, it is critical that the correct caulking, primer, and other prep materials are used for the right situation. 

Not all paints are the same, in quality or purpose. There are different types of paints created for different types of surfaces. For example; ceilings, walls, trim/doors, cabinets, siding, metal, vinyl, decks, and floors all require a different type of paint. The same is true of primers and other materials.

We primarily use Sherwin Williams for this very reason. Sherwin Williams has the most selection of paints created for different conditions and surface types. We use a few other brands in some instances, as well – we are careful to use the absolute best for whatever the situation calls for. Make sure you know what type of paint is being used on your home and why. Your contractor should be able to answer this.


8. Professional Tools.




For every job, we carry all the best tools for the job. We always have the best brushes, rollers, sandpaper, masking machine, sprayers, pressure washers, hoppers, ladders, and anything else needed to make sure the job is done correctly and quickly. If you want quality results, your tools must be quality as well!


9. Giving Back.

10 things to know before hiring a professional painter

Businesses that give back to their community are businesses that we want to support, so we have joined their ranks! A portion of our profits go to foreign missions; this money supports Bible schools, orphans, and scholarships for business classes.

Our founder’s passion for continuing his grandfather’s legacy of missional outreach is what drives his heart to action for the betterment of the people he and his grandfather have been blessed to build relationships with over the years.

A second way we give back is our newly developed “Paint It Forward” program! Every once in a quarter, we partner with Sherwin Williams and paint a home for FREE for a local family in need. It is our purpose and joy to be able to help where we can.

10. Guaranteed Satisfaction & Warranty.

Any professional painter understands that a paint job requires more than just painting. This is why That 1 Painter offers a 3-year guarantee on all work done on residential structures and a 3-year guarantee on all business projects. A reliable company will always be determined to satisfy the customer, and guaranteed satisfaction indicates that a painting contractor actually cares about their quality of service. This should also give the customer peace of mind when researching a professional painter.

~ Steven Montgomery, founder of That 1 Painter