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Austin Companies | “Paint It Forward” and Giving Back Programs

1. What is “Paint It Forward”? (On a local scale)

how we use our paints to give back to the community

The whole mission of That 1 Painter is to help people. We’ve received so much over the years; a lot of business and a lot of loyalty from our customers. We love our city and we love the world, so this is our way of giving back locally and globally.


We are a paint company with resources (like our paints) and extraordinary capabilities, and we love to use those gifts to positively affect others, so we decided that quarterly we would paint the home of a local family in need.

This has led to us meeting some incredible people – follow us on YouTube to hear some of their stories.

Anyone can go onto our website and nominate someone that they know is going through a hard time, and from there we’re able to choose a home to paint completely free of charge.

Sherwin Williams has partnered with us to provide the paint, we provide the labor and make it happen.

2. What is “Paint It Forward”? (On a global scale)

Austin companies that give back to the community

My parents and grandparents (on both sides) were missionaries, so I grew up as a missionary kid. Because of that, I’m blessed to have a lot of connections all over the world. So much of my heart is in Africa where I grew up, so it was only natural that part of the proceeds of my business would go there to support bible college students, business classes, and refugees.


3. Where did the name come from?

how we use our paints to give back to the community

My GM and business partner, Allan Alarcon, actually had the idea of making this a referral program, where people whose homes we painted get to nominate the next person and we hope to implement that aspect, someday. For now, anyone can nominate a local Austin home to receive this service. But once we started doing more in Africa and locally, we just knew this name was a perfect fit.

4. The future of Austin companies that give back

Austin companies that give back to the community


I hope our franchisees will join in and give back to their local communities, whether it be giving free paint services to one home a year, or more.

For us here at corporate, we will always give part of our profits globally, and we hope to expand even further beyond what we’re currently doing.

I just heard from a good friend who’s been running an orphanage for some time, that their building was just flooded and we are going to support them in rebuilding.

I would love for us to be able to help with more things like that in the coming years.

~ Steven Montgomery

5. Founder Steven Montgomery talks about Austin companies that give back

how we use our paints to give back to the community

6. “How do I get involved?”

Do you know someone who could use a paint refresh, but doesn’t have the means to make it happen? Get in touch with us and ask for the nomination form. We’d love to hear from you!

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