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Austin Coffee Shops We Love: Summer Moon

When Austin coffee shops becomes your office

Austin coffee shops | best Texas coffee shops

Austin coffee shops are an integral part of our business. A good portion of That 1 Painter was built and still runs on coffee. Oftentimes, when founder Steven Montgomery isn’t spending time with family or mentoring his franchisees, you can find him in a local coffee shop with his laptop and an Americano, plowing through emails and all the digital “paperwork” that comes with running your own business.

Our blogger Sam (hey, that’s me!), has written every single post from one coffee shop or another while sipping on a cold brew or latte. One or both of us may want to open our very own shops someday. Needless to say, coffee and coffee shops are important to us, so we thought we’d let you in on some of our favorite spots in the Austin area.

Highlighting classic Austin coffee shops

Austin coffee shops | best Texas coffee shops

Of all the Austin coffee shops (and there are many to choose from), we would be remiss if we didn’t first shine the spotlight on Summer Moon Coffee. Steven and his wife Melissa found this spot across from one of their first apartments as newlyweds, on South 1st, back when they only had one location – which is crazy to think about now that Texas is absolutely peppered with Summer Moons! Anytime Melissa’s family came to visit, they’d bring them to this funky, hole-in-the-wall coffee joint for a sweet latte and a kolache. It was a hit every time.

I never thought I’d say “The milk is what drew me in.” but here we are

Austin coffee shops | best Texas coffee shops

One of the best things about Summer Moon is that there really is something for everyone. Whether you’re a coffee lover or not, you’d be hard-pressed to walk out disappointed and empty-handed. They have a large offering of drinks and munchies (food options vary with locations), but the thing that makes Summer Moon unique is their insanely scrumptious Moon Milk. If you haven’t heard of it by now, well then… I am just pleased to introduce you!

Austin coffee shops that go beyond coffee

moon milk summer moon austin texas
all images sourced via Summer Moon’s website or facebook

Austin coffee shops | best Texas coffee shops

Now, Summer Moon describes “Moon Milk” with an air of mystery, simply stating it as a “signature sweet cream”, but honey it is so much more!

It tastes almost like they melted the best vanilla ice cream you could dream of, and then threw in some magical ingredients to elevate an already delicious treat. Then they mixed it with their wood-fired espresso and called it a Winter Moon Latte (iced) and a Summer Moon Latte (hot).

Austin coffee shops

A perk of this heavenly milk (Is that a cringey phrase? Maybe. But I’m sorry to report that I cannot repent for saying it… it is too apt a description!) is it’s fully customizable. They have dairy-free options in triple form: Coconut, Almond, and Oat and they all taste just as good as the dairy version. How?! I don’t know, man. I just accept it, sit back and enjoy.

My favorite part about this dandy treat is if any of these drinks sound way too sweet to you, you can order it at half or quarter sweetness and they’ll fill the rest of the milk portion with the unsweetened milk of your choice.

p.s. they also offer it a one-eighth sweetness and call it a Whisper Moon. I thought it appropriate to tell you that in a p.s.

Our top Moon Milk picks

Austin coffee shops | best Texas coffee shops


all shaken with ice and strained

a double shot of espresso
with 2 oz. Moon Milk

Sean Conn
a triple shot of espresso
with 3 oz. of Moon Milk

Moon Raker
4 shots of espresso
with 4 oz Moon Milk – my personal favorite


Nitro Moon
deep steep nitro cold brew
topped off with Moon Milk

1/2 Summer Moon Latte
espresso shots
topped with equal parts
steamed Moon Milk + nonfat milk*

Cafe Au Lait
order their drip coffee
ask them to top it with
steamed Moon Milk


Matcha Moon
matcha green tea latte
mixed with equal parts
Moon Milk + nonfat milk*

Moon Glacier
vanilla or javachip base blended
with ice and moon milk
for a non-caffeinated frappe

Moon Drop
Moon Milk blended
with frozen lemonade

*I personally recommend asking for whole milk, rather than nonfat/skim milk for half and quarter moon lattes

Hot tip! If you’ve been there, tried all that, there is still more for you to discover. Summer Moon just launched four summer drinks; two seasonal lattes and two fruity sweet treats. Try ’em out, let us know what you think.

The warmth of a Summer Moon makes for a welcoming ambiance

Austin coffee shops | best Texas coffee shops

Even though Summer Moon locations span many cities across Texas (as well as Oklahoma and Kansas) and each finds a way to embrace their local culture, they all have one thing in common: the cozies. Several of their locations house tables in a loft area overlooking the shop below (dreamy), while others feature a warm brick wall with their logo rustically painted on. Most of them find a way to incorporate beautiful wood paneling or beautiful antique ceiling tiles into their shop’s layout.

Austin coffee shops | best Texas coffee shops

When business owners have figured out how to create a comfortable, cozy environment despite the hustle and bustle of taking orders and making drinks, or the constant shuffle of people coming in and out of the place, that is when we award them “the cozies”. This is an essential component for those of us who have chosen to make coffee shops our working offices (that and stable Wifi). Maybe it’s because of their Wood Fired coffee that they understand the need for a warm glow, maybe it’s the magic of the Moon. Whatever it is, Summer Moon has got it.

Show your love for Austin coffee shops

Austin coffee shops | best Texas coffee shops

We have to hand it to Summer Moon on multiple levels, they know their coffee, they know their milk, and they know their customers. They sell merch that people actually want to rep! Serving cuteness in hats and tees to collectible mugs and tumblers, from stickers and pins to candles – they even sell 16-ounce bottles of their Moon Milk (even the non-dairy options) and coffee pods, so you can enjoy their flavors from home. There’s enough to choose from as a souvenir for your visiting friends, as a gift for a fellow coffee-lover, or as a fan yourself of this Austin-celebrated, Texas-based coffee shop.

Traditional, carefully cultivated techniques that touch our hearts

Austin coffee shops | best Texas coffee shops

Saving the best for last, the coffee itself. Summer Moon was started by a family who wanted to craft coffee with love and artistry. They roast beans from all over the world, over a roaring fire in a hand-built roaster right in Austin, using techniques from the 19th century and they’ve been perfecting that craft since 2002. There’s just something about Texas oak-fired coffee that brings a special energy into gathering over a delicious cuppa. Are you ready to embrace the magic? Find your nearest Summer Moon here.

~ written by Sam Mill

Comment below to tell us your favorite Summer Moon drink!

Austin coffee shops | best Texas coffee shops

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