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12 Neutral Dining Experiences That Dazzle: Part I

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A dining space that’s simple, versatile, and clean is what we all want, right? After scrolling through Instagram for a long time, we have all found ourselves at one point suddenly motivated to turn our home into the comfortable getaways we’ve always envisioned. It’s amazing how many different styles there are and how many photos to share, but here are a few that may make you never dine out again.

Modern rustic or vintage neutral

Vintage has the characteristics of permanence and maturity.  Vintage items are always comfortable, charmed, and authentic, in spite of any imperfections. For this style, use earthy tones, handcrafted fabrics, and nostalgic elements.

Modern design is softer, a bit cleaner, a very minimalist approach. Funny enough, many of the ‘vintage’ style design elements, such as the popular Mid-Century style, are now categorized as a modern look. 

Where the sun does shine

One thing to love about neutrals is the way it allows natural light to take center stage. Adding tinted whites to a room will make the sun the main attraction, says Houzz. When choosing the right shade of white, you should also consider which direction your windows face. Three Bears Home Staging has a great color guide to check out!

Consider painting your dining room walls with
Dover White (SW 6385)
Arcade White (OC-38

Funky neutral

Photo by: Marisa Vitale

Neutrals do not have to be boring! You have so much room to play with color, shape, and texture when you’re given a neutral palette. Adding in muted pastels and even metals can transform a simple room and add character.

Spice up your neutrals with unique light fixtures

Aside from natural light, lighting fixtures are also a very important consideration when you are painting a room. How does the light shine into the room and off the walls? Does your fixture provide the majority of the light? Be sure to take the Kelvin scale into account! Flip The Switch published a fantastic guide to lighting temperatures. Check it out!

Letting nature take its course

Botanicals and neutrals go hand in hand for me. If you’re going to lay a room bare, you’re going to want to fill it back up with life. This is where botanicals come in; oxygenate the room!

Okay okay, enough about what we like!

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